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Note: this page is not fully completed!

Much tabular data in the game is stored inside BCSV (Binary Comma Separated Value) files. The BCSV, just like a normal CSV consists of rows and columns. For example, ItemColor.bcsv has 3 columns, first being the UniqueID specifying which color an item has, second being the English color name (red, green, blue, etc), and the last being the Japanese color name.

Editing BCSV

To edit a BCSV, you could hex edit. Or you could use the BCSV Editor by Alree. It should be noted that not every file ending in “BCSV” has the same internal structure as another. Super Mario Galaxy’s BCSV files cannot be opened with Alree’s BCSV Editor, just as ACNH’s BCSV can’t be opened in Whitehole.

Loading BCSV