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This is not a guide, more of my own notes on different things. They’ll be turned into their own real guides at a future date. Probably.

BCSV Editor


1.6.0 BCSV Datamine

2.0.5 BCSV/BYML/MSBT Datamine

Translation for item ID’s


Item ID List (internal name and hex id)

Eventflow Viewer



ItemParam.bcsv stores price of items. name price hash 718b024d. only seems to show buy price, which is most likely the same as sell price. so can’t edit them separately

SPNpcParam.bcsv Determines the color of the bubble and text surrounding their name while you talk to them. The value is the index of the array in the NpcColor BYML in the Pack folder (stored as an rgb float array).

EventFlagsHouseParam.bcsv name MaxValue hash 344b17d7. days passed since the house upgrade

Either FishFieldActor.byml or FishStatusParam.bcsv BuoyLv seems to hold how many times a fish will bonk into your bob before biting. look into it? maybe??



has a flag for if K.K. had his first live event. maybe the value could be changed for a permanent 3/5 star island?

has values for the player upgrading museum/nooks/tailor/res services.

TownNewsHeardEventStarted value could be changed, possibly to skip nook/isabelle dialog at start of day.

WeedCount limits the amount of weeds legally allowed to spawn naturally, to 65535! maybe this could be set to 0 to prevent all spawning of weed?

EventFlagsPlayerActivityParam.bcsv HitStoneCount description roughly translates to “number of times you hit a rock to get an item out”.

PlayerActor.byml checks for collision. could be changed to disable (without poker)

EventFlagsPlayerParam.bcsv SzaIslandEvaluation5star1st or flag 692 description roughly reads “Isabelle | Received 5 stars for the first time on the island”. this could be changed to have a permanent 5 star island?

flag 524 PlayToday might need to be changed in addition to skip nook/isabelle dialog at start of day

flag 216 PlayerStungByBee def value 0 max 1. changing max to 0 would mean player can only get hit once?

flag 785 UploadPlayerProfileIllegal??

EventFlagsLifeSupportAchievementParam.bcsv holds the mount of miles you get for completing an achievement. this could be lowered 😈


looking at decompiled event flows can show you what causes a flag to be changed. e.g. PlayerLoanFinish1st in SNPC_rco_04_ChkFinishLoan.evfl


py install


Now you can run eventeditor and the EventFlow editor GUI will open

for editing byml:

byml_to_yml <file>.byml <file>.yaml converts byml to yaml, which can then be opened in an editor like notepad++ or vsc

yml_to_byml <file>.yaml <file>.byml converts yaml to byml, which can then be put in the layeredFs folder for ACNH